Time for a change

Agriculture & Food Consulting was the initial meaning of the acronym AFC. The company name has changed several times since the foundation in 1973. However the core competencies have not been changed until now. Our expertise focusses mainly on the food value chain.

This system covers the vertical connected business sectors from the agricultural input industries (like agrochemicals or agricultural machinery) to the various consumer interfaces (like the food retail sector or catering). Embedded are wholesalers, the food processing industries and other parts of the complex system. Therefore our concept of the food value chain is even more comprehensive than the meaning of "from the stable to the table". The food value chain includes also the suppliers of the agricultural sector, public institutions, service providers and other involved sectors.

The deep knowledge of the food value chain makes our advice unique. We do not need to spend time and money in the understanding of the basic functions of our clients´ company value chains. We know your business already! Our publication list shows that we belong to the thought leaders in our fields of work.

The AFC Consulting Group provides its clients with consulting services in the fields of strategy consulting (incl. M&A), risk & crisis consulting, executive search/human resources, consulting to the public sector in our fields of work and international cooperation, organized in specialized business units:

  • AFC Management Consulting
  • AFC Risk & Crisis Consult
  • AFC Personalberatung (human resources)
  • AFC Public Services
  • AFC Agriculture and Finance Consulting (strategic partner, spin off)

Our expertise is beeing appreciated not only by those companies and organizations being integral parts of the food value chain. Often we are also in charge to support those, who try to establish any kind of business relation to this sector - like financial institutions or suppliers of technical equipment.

We are at your disposal.




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